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Our Mission Statement:
The mission of Wave Dancer Watersports is to provide a fun and safe form of recreation for the residents and visitors of Portsmouth, and to promote the development of the tourism industry in Dominica.

Our Goals:
• Wave Dancer Watersports intends to educate residents of Dominica in the Watersports field by setting up water sports programs in schools and encouraging other residents to take advantage of this facility.
• Wave Dancer Watersports intends to enhance the experience of visitors to Dominica by being: Friendly, Energetic and Inviting.

By doing so, we believe that we would help increase tourism in Dominica, which should create more employment.

Meet the owner Eustace Joseph
Eustace moved from Dominica to Tortola BVI where he worked at Rhymer’s Beach Hotel Cane Garden Bay, learnt to windsurf while he was there and fell in love with it! A couple years later he moved to Virgin Gorda where he was employed at the Bitter End Yacht Club as a Watersports instructor. He was later promoted to director of Watersports. He was employed there for 10 years then moved back to Dominica in pursuit of his dreams (to live in the country he really loves and doing something he is very passionate about), the founding of Wave Dancerwatersports. Eustace ran Wave dancer for 4 years then decided to move back to the BVI following the events of September 11th - it got a bit slow after the economic downtime in Dominica, so he was forced to move. He regained his position at the Bitter End Yacht Club as director of watersports.He did that for 6 more years, he then moved to Necker Island (Sir. Richard Branson’s private island). After 6 and half years working at Necker Island he decided to move back to Dominica to give it another try!

“When I first moved to the BVI, I had experienced a huge culture shock. There was not much fruit to pick off the trees, and drinking water was limited and tasted very difeferent. I grew up picking eating fruits of from the trees in Dominica to eat and water is also in abundance. So, I remembered wanting desperately wanting to move back to Dominica desperately, but then I learnt how to windsurf and fell in love with it and took up watersports as a profession.

“At this point, I was thinking to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be a dream come true to live in Dominica and do something I love so much…dream on Eustace’?! Well, in 1998 I moved to Dominica to start my own watersports business. It was a dream come true till September 11th came. And now, after 12 more years, I am moving back to continue that dream!

“This time I have a second business. In 2011 I founded QB Vehicle Rentals. I am also moving back with my family, because I wanted to share the experience of growing up in Dominica with my kids. While residing in the BVI, I’ve brought many friends I met there to visit Dominica. including "Sir. Ricard Branson" who visited with me in November 2011. Introducing people to Dominica, showing them around and making sure they have an amazing time, has always been a passion of mine!” — Eustace Joseph


» Jet ski rentals
» Kayak rentals
» Standup paddle board rentals
» Banana boat ride
» Kite boarding school
» Sailing (hobie craft)
» Knee boarding
» Tubing
» Snorkeling
» And many more...


» Immense knowledge &    experince
» Personable staff
» Excellent customer service

Introducing people to Dominica, showing them around and making sure they have an amazing time, has always been a passion of mine!

— Eustace Joseph